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About the us / 关于学校

The school was established to help designers, animators, cartoonists, illustrators and other professionals learn to draw. Many people, including foreigners, have learned the basics of drawing here.

All classes are taught in Japanese. If you can’t read Japanese but can speak it, you are able to take classes. Since a free trial lesson is offered, please send us Email.



Regular drawing course / 普通素描课程

The class meets once a week(2 hours per lesson). Everyone from beginners to advanced draw a picture together. This is monthly payment system.
PRICE: 13,000yen/month (+ The initial fee is 6,000yen)


Intensive course for beginners / 初学者强化课程

This course is a total of 8 lessons(2.5 hours per lesson). Once a week, students will be explained the drawing method and try drawing.
PRICE: 55,000yen/course (including teaching materials and drawing tools)


Life drawing / 人物素描

This is stand-alone lesson. Drawing a model at short times. If you are a member of our school, you can attend a course of lecture without a reservation. Classes are on the first and third Friday and the last Sunday of the month.
PRICE: member 3,000yen/nonmember 4,000yen