This school was established for professional to study drawing: designer, animator, comic(manga) artist, illustrator and others. Many people have attended our classes. This included non-Japanese.

All classes are taught in Japanese. If you can’t read Japanese but can speak it, you are able to take classes. Since a free trial lesson is offered, please send us Email. 

Regular drawing course

The class meets once a week(2 hours per lesson). Everyone from beginners to advanced draw a picture together. This is monthly payment system.
PRICE: 12000yen/month (+ The initial fee is 6,000yen)

Intensive course for beginners

The class comprise a total 8 lessons(2.5 hours per lesson). Once a week, students get lectured on drawing method and try to do drawing.
PRICE: 52500yen/course (A textbook and drawing instruments are included in the price)

Figure drawing

This is stand-alone lesson. Drawing a model at short times. If you are a member of our school, you can attend a course of lecture without a reservation. The class is held every other Friday(1,3week) and last Sunday.
PRICE: member 2700yen/nonmember 3800yen